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The Link Chaps Introduces Their New Bulk Link-Building Services For Businesses


(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)—The Link Chaps, a premier online marketing services firm based in Dubai, is announcing the launch of their new suite of link-building services. These services are offered in bulk and are aimed at helping digital agencies who need to execute link-building campaigns in large volume to promote their clients’ brands and websites. Those who are interested in learning more about these services or taking advantage of them should visit the company’s website at

Liam Chappells, a spokesperson for The Link Chaps, commented “We’ve been a trusted outsource partner for many digital marketing agencies for nearly a decade. We know how agencies work and what they need, and we are proud to be able to offer these link-building services to digital agencies all over the world. Our services are offered in bulk, and we have options and packages that can be tailored to the needs of any agency, allowing them to cater to their clients’ individual desires.”

The bulk link-building services that The Link Chaps offers are fully white label-ready, which means that they can be seamlessly integrated into the delivery process for any of the agency’s ongoing campaigns. This ensures complete confidentiality for our clients as TheLinkChaps completes the work for them quietly in the background. The services are also scalable, giving agency owners the assurance that The Link Chaps will be able to handle their needs as the agency continues to grow. There is no commitment needed on the part of the agency, and each client will be able to enjoy the benefits of fast turnaround times and complete transparency at every stage of the project.

As Chappells goes on to say, “We offer a core set of products that are specifically designed to relieve the monthly burden of delivering high-quality link-building work – and results – for any agencies offering SEO to their clients. Our clients are the most important thing to us, and we want to continually serve them in excellence so that they can do the same for their own clients.”

About The Link Chaps:

The Link Chaps is a new bulk-buying link-building service based in Dubai. Their services are designed to be a hands-off, scalable solution for digital agencies with a large monthly link-building requirement. Although their brand is new, The Link Chaps have been servicing digital agencies since 2006, often supplying either all of part of their link-building requirements.


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What Is SEM And SEO?

In an effort to discuss properly how SEO and SEM become different from each other, it is a must to define them first. And by being able to define these terms, it would be simpler to illustrate on how they’re different and how as an online store owner need both to succeed in their online marketing efforts.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that uses variety of tactics in order to influence and improve your rankings on various search engine results in positive way so by that, your website will appear at the top or near the top of results page when someone is performing a search online.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing however is a marketing approach via search engines. This involves tactics and it guarantees that you’re visible to all those who’re searching with keywords related to your business. Additionally, SEM can help you to influence your ranking on search engines but, it comes after SEO when talking about overall ranking influence. SEM is requiring formal marketing campaigns as well as tactics, which are done on search engines similar to PPC or Pay Per Click, Google Adwords and Google Adverts.

This is actually where people are starting to become confuse. Because the two terms are closely similar and linked, there’s misconception that they’re one and same. As a matter of fact, this isn’t always the case, truth is you can deliver your business’ SEO plan without having SEM on it. Conversely, if you’ve developed and deliver SEM plan, by definition it is going to be a part of overarching SEO plan.

SEO can be defined simply as strategic development of tactics made to ensure that your URL has the highest possible position on any search engine available. One way to achieve this and one greatly effective tactic is by using SEM. This is basically where the difference will be seen. SEM is more about specific marketing through search engines involving pay per click, keywords, AdWords but at the same time, involving in-depth analysis and monitoring of metric for your site so you could monitor activity hits and levels, bounce rates and visits to your webpage.

You have to build a strong foundation to be able to get the best from your SEM and SEO. You must work with a professional team who will guide you and help you by using their knowledge and expertise in developing a plan which can help you attain your goals and objectives online if you are uncertain on how to get this done.


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SEO Benefits for HTTPS Sites

A couple of years back, Google officially made public that websites can get a slight rise in ranking by switching over to HTTPS. Google rarely divulges any of its ranking factors for real so it was a real eye-opener when it announced they would gift sites using HTTPS encryption with a hike in search results.

It is straightforward enough, right?If Google announces switch to HTTPS, then let us switch to HTTPS.

For a lot of companies this is precisely the correct mentality but it is still imperative to understand what differentiates HTTPS from HTTP, and if making the switch is advantageous for your company in the first place.

Sooner or later, it is necessary to answer the succeeding questions: Why is Google partial to HTTPS for SEO rankings? What are the SEO gains of HTTPS?

No matter what side of the World Wide Web you are on – as the user of a website or as a developer of your own site – a satisfying online involvement will likely engage a trusted third party and reputable encryption. To know how to achieve this and get the picture why Google likes these website details as you should too, it is relevant to first understand what HTTPS is.

The HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol which is a system for passing on and getting hold of information over the Internet. Its focal point is on how the material is presented to the user without regard on how the data gets transmitted.

On the other side is HTTPS or “secure http” which is intended to validate authorization and secured transactions. HTTPS prevents the unauthorized access of confidential information exchanged across the Internet. HTTPS is indistinguishable from HTTP in many ways because it practices the same fundamental protocols like establishing a link to a server on a standard port. What distinguishes HTTPS is the extra layer of security it provides by moving data using SSL. For all intents and purposes, HTTPS is the secured variation of HTTP.

HTTP functions in union with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), another protocol for transporting information safely.

It should not come as a shock that Google goes for sites that are reliable and vouched for.

Aside from placing you in Google’s good graces, switching to HTTPS provides extra SEO benefits for your consideration.

As stated earlier, Google has guaranteed a slight increment in ranking of HTTPS sites. Traffic passing through HTTPS sites will have its referral information preserved. HTTPS provides website security by verifying that a website is the one the server is supposed to connect to, thwarting tampering by third parties, ensuring the security of your visitors, and encrypting all communication to protect sensitive things like credit card numbers.

There is no need to worry when it comes to switching from HTTP to HTTPS in terms of SEO.

Source: advantages of using https over http

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